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C.F. Long & Sons

SINCE 1950

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Heres What We Offer:


  • Concrete
    • 3000psi, 3500psi, 4000psi (custom to your specifications)
      • Mix designs available at your request, please call our office for assistance (248) 624-1562.
    • Exposed Pea-Stone mixes
    • Driveways
    • Patios
    • Walkways
    • Floors
    • Walls
    • Footings
    • Residential, commercial, industrial.
  • Admixtures
    • Air Entrainment
    • Retarder
    • Water reducers
    • Accelerators
      • Calcium Chloride
      • Non-Calcium Chloride Accelerator (NCA)
    • Reinforcement
      • Rebar
      • Fibermesh
    • Cure and Seal products
      • Super Diamond Clear
      • Diamond Clear
      • Rez-Seal
    • Supplies
      • Expansion Joint
      • Visqueen
Heres what we can do for you:


Ordering Concrete for delivery: Call Dispatch at (248)624-1562, provide us with following information:

  • Name or Company Name
  • Telephone number and number of contractor on-site (if separate)
  • Cubic yards of concrete
    • Use the concrete calculator at the bottom of the page to help determine your desired quantity. The industry standard is to allow 10% for variance in uneven subgrade, spillage, etc. and round up to the nearest ½ yard.
  • Mix design requested
  • Desired Slump of concrete for placement and project specifications.
  • Method of unloading the Truck (i.e. Chute from truck, buggy, wheelbarrow, pump-truck)
    • Be prepared to sign a waiver if the plan is to pull the Mixer truck off the road and onto the project property.
  • Mix enhancement (Fibermesh, accelerators, water-reducers…etc.)
  • Needed supplies (Sealers, expansion joint, rebar. We can deliver supplies with the ready mixed concrete!)
  • Exact Project address (or closest intersection if not applicable).
  • C.O.D customers
    • We accept cash or check only made out to C.F. Long & Sons, INC. Customer is able to provide method of payment to driver upon delivery.


Batching concrete

  • The smallest load that we are capable of batching is 1 cubic yard.
  • All loads less than 6 cubic yards are subject to a partial load charge.